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As the Co-Vice Captain of the Perth Wildcats I reached the pinnacle of my career in April 2014, winning the NBL Championship but things could have been very different.

Representing the club that I grew up admiring and dreaming to play for is a tremendous honour. I've shared some incredible highlights with some fantastic teammates but I have also experienced some bug hurdles along the way.

As my role has grown within the club, my commitment to the community has expanded.

Forming some incredible friendships I’ve also been able to grow as a person. Moments in my life I cherish, my wedding day, winning a championship and mentoring some amazing individuals, all have been very rewarding. To know that I've helped shaped lives in a positive manner and help save a life is humbling.

I've been very lucky in my life that I’ve achieved some incredible feats, but that hasn’t come easy. I’ve experienced challenges and obstacles, but the way you deal with adversity helps shape you as a person.

I have been moulded over time through a number of experiences. I cannot ignore my past, and there was a time there where my life could have gone down a different path. Drugs & alcohol and anti-social behaviour were all prevalent in my past. I struggled with negative thoughts and consequently my actions aligned with harmful behaviour to others and myself.

Fortunately I had extremely supportive friends and family to mentor and guide me.

Mental illness does not discriminate. From elite sportsmen, to public personalities, to everyday men, women and youth - mental illness can affect each of us at different points in our lives, making an organisation like Youth Focus vital.

I'm proud to support a fantastic organisation like Youth Focus and encourage everyone to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness. It takes a great act of courage to step out and seek help. With only 17% of Youth Focus funding coming from Government Grants, additional help is so important and greatly appreciated.

Greg Hire | Co-Vice Captain, Perth Wildcats

So far we have raised $7,900 with the help of generous donations, auctions, sponsors and other networks.


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