Derby Aboriginal Artefacts

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In Nyikina language we have a Nudumburra (shield), and Kulli (Boomerang).
Both are made from Jawalji (beef wood) 
The Nudumburra was used during corroboree and dancing, during wars and battles also could be used to defend oneself during punishment.
The Kulli had many uses: it was used as a club and throwing weapon while hunting; it was used during corroboree as a prop and also as a clapping instrument; as a weapon during battles and war; but also could be used to crack/grind seeds and nuts and dig holes.
Both the Kulli and Nudumburra could also be used together to create a fire by rubbing the Boomerang between the grooves on the shield.
Both items have been hand crafted by the Derby DHS senior boys and support from Trevor Menmuir Snr.
The wood cut from the the land, shaped in traditional methods. A true piece of the Kimberley and Aboriginal Culture.