A Stitch in Time (ASIT), founded in 2014 by NBL Champion & Perth Wildcats Vice-Captain Greg Hire, is a ‘non-profit’ agency, which aims to provide programs for youth, aged 12-25 years in the Perth Metropolitan Area & Regional Communities.  Our organisation’s programs are focused on mentoring, building resilience, and the importance of being positive mental wellbeing, as we want to contribute to changing the mental health landscape in Western Australia.

A Stitch in Time programs will be implemented through partnerships with schools and sporting associations. Initially ASIT will offer programs to help Western Australian adolescents and youth. We will firstly help to support at-risk youth, who may be facing a difficult time, and secondly to also seek young people who want to make a difference and work with their peers and community towards positive mental health outcomes for all.

Within our programs, the primary feature will be predominantly focused on mentorship. Our key mentoring programs will include the following:

1. Partnering with local schools and ASIT implementing a leadership/mentoring program through a four-week workshop. This connects an ASIT mentor with a ‘pod’ of students and over a period of time and workshops, we seek to provide the development of personal skills and peer relationships, to ultimately encourage youth-led initiatives in our community.

2. The establishment of Sport Leadership Program with ASIT partnering with local sporting associations (both metropolitan and regional) and the program will include both mentoring aspects & leadership tools to provide a holistic approach to positive mental and physical health and encourage participants towards future pathways in sport, academics and leadership.

Both programs will involve workshops from Industry leaders and partners, e-learning, and peer to peer mentoring.  ASIT want to provide invaluable training for individuals that need our help, or would like to help others.  We believe by harnessing peer to peer mentoring we are creating a powerful platform for Western Australian youth to grow as individuals, and help each other and our community.

A Stitch in Time is ready to embark on our initial programs in 2017 and empower Western Australian young people to be forces of change in our community, and ultimately create positive health and wellbeing outcomes.