A Stitch In Time

A Stitch In Time

by Chris Robinson

BEING injured hasn’t stopped tireless Wildcats forward Greg Hire from working hard off the court. 

The Perth vice-captain this weekend launched his charity project A Stitch In Time, which will raise money for youth suicide prevention charity Youth Focus.

Through the website stitchintime.org.au, the public can bid on game-worn items like signed Wildcats sneakers and other rare sporting memorabilia.

Hire, who won a Pride of Australia medal earlier this year after saving at least two young lives through his charity work, said the cause of helping at-risk children was close to his heart.

“Knowing I was able to change the outlook of a person’s life to a positive one is something I cannot comprehend,” he said.

“Mental health issues surrounding young people are a huge concern in our society.

“Every week, young people take their own lives because it’s a more preferable option than living with the pain and despair of poor mental health.

“It only takes one person to have an impact and change their lives, and I want to be that person.”

Auction items can be viewed at stitchintime.org.au

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